See Better . Learn Better is committed to the highest quality care possible. We do not drop in and leave...we create a relationship with our partner schools. All exams require parental permission and follow-up care is available for any pathology discovered during an exam. 

We believe strongly in sustainability and are working to create an in-country edging lab to reduce the time to dispense for glasses while also training community members in edging and opticianry.

We track improvements in literacy by collecting data before and after our clinics. The data we collect is reviewed by educators and tracked over time.

Our Partner Schools

What We’re Doing


Many children struggle in school, many more could be doing better than they are. Education is the key to greater opportunity in life and the chance to see your dreams come to fruition. But what if a child can't see well? What if a child cannot see what is written on the board in class or has trouble seeing their school books? Uncorrected refractive error is an educational barrier that need not exist. 

We have a simple yet profound mission: bring vision screening to every school in Jamaica. To give every child the equal chance to achieve academic sucess.

We do this by partnering with schools and the local community to bring teams of pediatric eye care professionals to the kids. Every child in the partner school will receive a quality vision screening and, if a vision issue is discovered, will receive a comprehensive eye exam and custom RX glasses. 

Green Island Primary School

Little London Primary School

Revival All-Age School

Mt. Airy Primary School

Moreland Hill Primary School

St. Paul's Primary School

Negril All-Age School

Cove Primary school

Broughton Primary School

Sheffield Al-Age School

Little Bay All-Age School